New VW Eos cost publicized

The revised VW Eos, after its debut in Los Angeles, has been getting sales orders in UK. The starting price is rated to be $22,895 on the road.

It has offered a fresh look and comfort along with the convenient technologies. Eos is the only model to have a 5 piece metal folded hard top with sunroof. Remote roof operating is also made available for the first time.

The style and design of the new model have been adopted from VW Golf, Passat and Polo. Bumper, horizontal grille, front wings, and bonnet are similar to that of Golf. It has new units at the rear; new leather finish, which prevents the leather from heating, is also available as option.

It is powered by a powerful and efficient TSI and TDI engine, which ranges from 122 PS — 210 PS. The manual 6 speed as standard and optional DSG 6 speed transmission is available.